About the Film


In the shadow of Africa’s highest peaks, a new generation of Tanzanian girls struggles to overcome poverty and inequality. On the other side of the world, an all-female group of Australian teenagers sets out to raise money and awareness by taking on a challenge of new heights. What begins as a movement to offer a helping hand turns into a journey for two groups of young women that will trek together side by side to reach for the top of one of the highest mountains in Africa, Mount Meru (14,977 feet). Theirs is a touching story that reminds us that we are the ones who can better our own lives, that the efforts of working together can yield unimaginable results, and that by empowering girls today we ensure a brighter world for the women of tomorrow.


Mountains Will Move has now been released. Stay posted for awards.

Film Credits

The Team

Executive Producer
Peaks Foundation

Written and Directed by
Douglas A. McCann

Produced by
Laura Borner
Douglas A. McCann
Joseph Hartstone

Story Producers
Joseph Hartstone
Amy Rosner
Laura Borner

Director of Photography
Douglas A. McCann

Douglas A. McCann
Amy Rosner

Associate Producer
Chloe Chick

Additional Photography
Felix Borner

Stock Film and Photography
A24 Media – Salim Amin

Sound Mix and Edit
Heinrik Jakobsson

Narrated by
Joyce Msafari

Original Music by
The Summit Singers

Arranged and Mixed by Henrik Jakobsson
Produced by Douglas A. McCann & Henrik Jakobsson
Field Recording by Douglas A. McCann
Additional Composition by Henrik Jakobsson

Ayubu Lomayan
Ng’amu Lomayan
Ayubu Lucas
Simon Augustino
Lazaro Marko
Elibaraka Lomayani
Hardson Ayubu
Ashley Francis
Silas Lembris
Alex Moikan
Cyprian Medad


“12:59 Lullaby”
Written and Performed by: Beduoin Soundclash
Side One Dummy
℗ 2007

“When the Night Feels my Song”
Written and Performed by: Beduoin Soundclash
Side One Dummy
℗ 2007

“I cried when you left me”
Written and Performed by Joyce Msafari
℗ 2012

“Africa Blues”
Written and Performed by Henrik Jakobsson
℗ 2012

Thank you to everyone
who took part in the
Girls Challenge

Anna Caldwell
Catherine Pegg
Genevieve Shope
Kim Heagney
Mary Kasper
Margaret Latham
Jill Meatheringham
Trish Stephen
Melissa Watters
Kate Howie

PLC Armidale
The School of St Jude

Special thanks to
Starsupply Commodity Brokers
The Arusha Hotel
Kilimanjaro Porter’s Assistance Project
Mountain Hardwear
Summits Africa
Safaris R Us
James McKay
John “Harry” Harris
Fie and Liv McGeeney
Charlotte Peyrat Vaganay
Catherine Skippington
Kat Duda


Individuals and organizations
around the world working to
empower girls and women.